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Inspired by the challenges he faced while revising for HSC exams, Jamie developed a simpler version of HSC Buddy to assist himself and his friends during their studies. As a passionate STEM enthusiast, Jamie graduated high school with a 95.85 ATAR, placing first in course for Software Design and Development (SDD) and Information Processes and Technology (IPT) at his school. With his strong programming skills, Jamie now leads the HSC Buddy team as CEO, working to provide a revolutionary exam preparation platform for educators and students alike. Outside of work, Jamie is fascinated by robotics and enjoys playing the guitar, immersing himself in the world of music and technology.

Jamie Cole
Toby Clark
Aryan Ilkhani

A self-taught programming prodigy, Toby joined the HSC Buddy team to apply his love for programming to a meaningful project. As the Lead Developer, Toby plays an instrumental role in creating a seamless and user-friendly platform, leveraging his extensive experience with web development. Toby's passion for programming keeps him motivated to continually improve HSC Buddy and contribute to its success. Additionally, he enjoys collaborating with the team and sharing his expertise to drive the project forward. When not working on HSC Buddy, Toby enjoys mountain biking and exploring the great outdoors.

A top achiever with a 99.95 ATAR, Aryan is an aspiring lawyer who joined the HSC Buddy team to pursue his passion for marketing and connecting with people. As a key member of the team, Aryan contributes his exceptional communication and marketing skills to help expand the platform's reach and impact. Aryan has achieved first in course for multiple subjects, and notably state-ranked 5th in Modern History, showcasing his dedication and determination. Driven by the desire to see his work positively impact others, Aryan remains motivated and inspired in his role at HSC Buddy. In his downtime, Aryan enjoys honing his strategic thinking through chess and engaging in political discussions.

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